Specialized Bird Breeder in Ontario

Our aviary specializes in breeding hand tame loveable Linnies, Lovebirds, Parrotlets and Pineapple Conures.

Feathered Wings is a caring, loving, family based bird breeder located in Zephyr Ontario which is 20 minutes north east of Newmarket. In the township of Uxbridge.
Specialized Linnie breeder and other handfed baby birds.

Feathered Wings Aviary is located at 23 Kester Lane if you would like to see one of my available babies please call me to book an appointment at 416-670-3458 or email me at info@featheredwingsaviary.com

As a small bird breeder, I am able to provide my One of our bird breeders in Ontariohandfed babies with individual attention daily, allowing them to fledge naturally and  wean at their own pace. Like all creatures, my babies gain confidence and learn quickly with lots of positive reinforcement and praise. 

Baby’s are stimulated with a variety of different  toys to encourage exploration and develop a sense of curiosity and play. They are weaned onto a seed and pellet diet, supplemented with a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. I believe a healthy diet with variety is essential.

My aviary is smoke free. I am available by appointment only. Sorry I do not ship my birds.

pizap.com14567066874061It is my mission to provide education and support for all adopting families to ensure the welfare of my birds and to provide the best opportunity for them to stay with their new human flock members for the remainder of their lives.

If you would like to reserve on of my precious baby love birds, linnies, parrotlets or pineapple conures please email me at info@featheredwingsaviary.com


Feathered Wings Aviary is a proud member of the Lineolated Parakeet Society (LPS) as well as the Durham Avicultural Society of Ontario (DAS).